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At last, I’ve found the time to test this recipe in the Hologen oven. As you will see, I have the larger oven that comes with a metal ‘extender’ that allows you cook things that ‘rise’ without it getting so close to the heating element and burning.

This recipe is so simple to remember, it’s ridiculous! and it works every time. Notice that in the ingredients list there are no weights. This will be explained.





Self Raising Flour


1. Decide how many small cakes you wish to make. For example, 2 eggs will make 10 – 12 cakes, 3 eggs will make 15 – 24 depending on the amount of mixture to each paper/cup.

2. Prepare your papers or silicone cups and preheat your oven to 180 with only the low rack. Place your papers or cups divided between the two round trays if you have the large oven. If you have the smaller oven, I would suggest you make the mixture in two batches, as it will not rise properly if you keep it sitting while the first half cooks. Drop me a line if you need any extra explanation.

3. Weigh your eggs (still in the shells!). You need the rest of the ingredients to weigh the same.

4. In a bowl, or processor, place the margarine (weighing the same as the eggs) and soften.

5. Add the sugar and beat until very soft and pale.

6. Add one egg with a little flour and mix well.

7. Add the rest of the eggs (one at a time) with a little flour each time and mix well.

8. Mix in the rest of the flour gently, but thoroughly.

9. Divide evenly between the papers/cups and place in the oven. BE VERY CAREFUL. Put one tray on the low rack and the other tray on the high rack. Place the ‘extender’ on the bowl, raise the lid using the release button, and cook for about 20 – 25 minutes. CAREFULLY change the trays around half way through cooking. The cakes should be well risen and slightly brown.

If you want to make them chocolate, replace an ounce or about 25-30 grammes of flour with cocoa. Chuck in a handful of sultanas or raisins to a plain mix. Add some coffee essense, or use vanilla sugar to add a bit of flavour. You can decorate with glace icing or butter icing. The options are endless.



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DSC02929As promised on the ‘Thoughts’ page here is a recipe for small sponge cakes. It’s a little difficult to find a ‘bun tin’ (or muffin tin) that will fit into the oven, but if you have the larger version you can place the paper cases on the frying tray. If you have the smaller oven placing them in circular sponge cake tin would probably work. You may have to experiment.

Place the low rack in the oven and preheat the oven to 190 degrees.  This makes about 8 good size little cakes.


85g butter or margarine

85g sugar

2 eggs

170g self raising flour, sieved

a little milk


1. In a glass/china bowl cream together the butter (or margarine) and sugar. (I used castor sugar that has been in a jar with a vanilla pod.)

2. Add the eggs and beat well with a little of the flour.

3. Add the rest of the flour and fold it in gently until mixed well. You may need to add a little milk.

4. Mix to a soft (but not thin) batter. What my mother calls a ‘dropping consistency’.

5. Divide the mixture equally between the paper cases. Place in the oven and cook for about 10 minutes until risen and lightly brown on top.

Once your cakes are cooled you can decorate them how you like with either glace icing or butter icing. If you want to make them chocolate replace about 20-30g of flour with cocoa. I have put chocolate chips in mine. This is the first time I’ve made cakes in the halogen oven, but as I experiment more, I’ll post the successful recipes. Enjoy.

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